• James Hewlett

Endings Aren't Real

Nothing ever really ends, nobodies ever really gone.

I’ve been thinking about that a bit today, over the weekend a new trailer for The Rise Of Skywalker was released and the marketing for the film has really been pushing the fact that this is the end of the Skywalker saga. I think I’ll probably do an entire post about that later in the week but it just further emphasised the feeling of finality that is permeating throughout everything this year; Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, my marriage, the MCU, Andrew Luck’s time with the Colts, all these things are experiencing some sort of ‘ending’ this year, but nothing really actually ends, from a certain point of view.

Let’s just go through that list, Game of Thrones wrapped up but there is at least one spin off series on the way and until A Song Of Ice & Fire ends in books the series isn’t truly over for a lot of people anyway. The Skywalker Saga may be wrapping up with Episode 9, but we know of multiple Star Wars film projects in development and now even more live action TV series’ too. My marriage is most certainly coming to an end, just as soon as the divorce paperwork is finalised, but there are other relationships to be had. The Infinity Saga (Disney love Saga’s huh?) ended ten years worth of Marvel movies but we knew going in that there was more coming down the pipe. Andrew Luck may have surprisingly retired, but we have a great roster and just and a coaching staff/front office that will make sure that who ever our quarterback is longterm in the future will be taken care of, this season might end up being a write off, but there is always next year.

I think what I’m getting at is all these ‘endings’ are more like chapter breaks. They’ve got a level of finality to them. Some have very satisfying conclusions, some leave you wanting, but in reality nothing ever really ends, it just changes.

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