• James Hewlett

Long Ass Day

Today was long! It’s been a while since I worked over on the Isle of Wight but I was over there today. That meant getting up at five thirty in the morning. The day itself wasn’t particularly hard, just long. It didn’t help that the boat I was booked on getting back was cancelled, so I had to drive to the other side of the island to get the other one. It wasn’t any later, but getting back from Portsmouth takes a lot longer than Lymington at that time in the evening.

By the time I was unloaded and finished it was a twelve and a quarter hour day.

I knew I couldn’t even think about pausing when I got home so I got straight on and did my work out. I’ve just finished that and am heading back out now. If I stop I’m going to crash so I’m going to leave this now. I should have this up later on when I get home.

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