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Weekend Plans

I’m beginning to get that horrible feeling of the summer waning and the long nights of being able to sit outside drawing in.

I absolutely adore being able to hang out in the garden throughout the evening until after the sun has set and still be comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt, then maybe heading inside but leaving the doors wide open because it’s too nice not to. Or going out for late night burgers and people watching and guessing what movie they’ve just got out of as some of the only people in the burger joint. Or driving out to the forest to just lay out and look at the stars without any cloud cover.

Barbecues, friends, music, good vibes and good times.

I know that almost all of these things can in theory be done at any time of year, and some of them certainly will, but there is something about summer time nights that I’ve always loved.

But it’s not over yet! I’ve still got a few really cool things coming up like an outdoor screening of Jurassic Park in a couple of weeks time and then a really awesome ska gig at the end of September. I’m looking forward to those a lot.

I’m also excited about this weekend. I think this will be the last big-ish get together if my friends for the summer. On Friday I’m heading straight up to London to meet up with Pete and go to the big RevPro wrestling show, Summer Sizzler. The card looks absolutely stacked and I’m super excited for just about every match. That’ll undoubtably mean a late night getting back though, which is okay as it’ll prepare me for an even later night Saturday.

The rest of our little group of friends who enjoy pro wrestling are all coming over to mine and arriving at various points as there is events on all day and we’re going to try and stream all of them, as long as the scheduling permits.

It’s capped off with the big one for us, AEW’s All Out, which isn’t likely to finish until for four in the morning on Sunday.

I’m meant to be going along to the next mental health mates walk on Sunday afternoon, but I’m going to see how I feel when I eventually wake up. I would like to go as I’ve missed the last couple and they’re a great group of people, but we’ll see.

It should be a really fun weekend, but it does mean that my posts are likely going to be focused on those things and a little late in going up! I’m sure you can understand.

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