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All Out

More wrestling talk today. Skip ahead to tomorrow if you’re not interested.

All of today’s wrestling was watched at home but boy was it awesome!

Mitchell came over this afternoon and we chatted about the event Friday night before finding a stream of the NJPW event taking place on London. They were having technical issues throughout so it was a bit spotty but it was a fun watch. We then switched over and caught the main event of NXT UK Takeover which was happening at the same time in Cardiff. It was the only match on that card I was particularly interested in so I was glad we got to see it.

The main reason for Mitchell, and then Ed who arrived later, to come over though was to watch AEW’s All Out event. They’re big show before the weekly live broadcast starts up in October.

It was excellent, as has become the standard for them!

Boy of boy I am excited to be in bed before five am tomorrow...? tonight? What day is it? Where am I?

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