• James Hewlett

Month Off

I’m taking September off drinking.

I don’t really drink that much as is, but there are times when I know I absolutely use it as a crutch and I want to break that.

I’ve done it in previous years, taken a month or more off booze so it’s not like it will be a total test of conviction.

I’ve chosen September as I’ve looked at my calendar and there is nothing listed there that I’d definitely want to have a drink at.

I think the hardest part for me will be the fact that I still enjoy going to BrewDog to write quite frequently and they always have amazing beers on tap.

The other big challenges will be those evenings I’m alone and start getting caught in a feedback loop. Alcohol doesn’t ever help me get out of that but after a few drinks I can generally fall asleep either on the sofa or in bed and then I’m okay.

It’s recognising those situations though that makes me want to stop.

Ideally this is a first step to cutting way back to just drinking on special occasions, but I’m not going to over commit just yet and I don’t necessarily want to cut it out completely like my brother did. Just going cutting back a bit from the already relatively small amount I do drink would be enough for me.

Hey tomorrow is the second anniversary of this blog! Crazy right?! Only one year, six months and five days to go.

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