• James Hewlett

Two Years Down

Today is the two year anniversary of this whole thing, that means in one year, six months and five days it will all be done!

It also means I’ll be turning thirty four, but we can ignore that for now.

Now, I say it’ll all be done because that was the concept of the blog when I first started it, but I think the most likely situation will be that it sticks around and I just transition from posting every single day to a few times a week.

That’s over a year from now though and if I’ve learnt anything in the second year of doing this thing it’s that a whole hell of a lot can change in the space of one year.

I’m not going to go too much into how my life has changed since September second 2018, but I am going to talk about the state of the blog.

I feel like it has evolved quite a lot this year as my writing has transitioned and the topics that I’m writing my deeper and more meaningful posts are about real shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I still jabber on about a bunch of nonsense and silly pop culture things that interest me, but the writing I’ve been most proud of this year has been when I’ve taken something in my personal experience and used it as a jumping off point to talk about a topic on a broader level and in doing so work through whatever it was that I had on my mind.

I’ve had a lot of people compliment me on how well I’ve handled all of the ups and downs I’ve been through this year and I always credit the fact that I write on here every day as one of the biggest contributing factors.

I’ve also been open about mental health a lot more. Not just my own, but understanding other people’s. I don’t profess to be any sort of expert but talking and listening to all sorts of people has definitely been enlightening and I feel like I’ve become a better and more equipped person in the process.

I’ve found more often that it’s those posts that I’ve been most proud of and that I’ll share on different platforms as I believe others may get something out of them instead of it being something I’ve written who’s only real audience is me.

Going forward I imagine I’ll continue to do those sorts of posts whenever I have something to say on a matter but I can’t see a time when that’s all I write about on here. There will always be as much fluff as there is filling.

What do I want to accomplish with the next year of this blog?

I don’t know! I always have ideas at various points of development but I’ve learned not to talk about them too early or until I’m ready to really start working on them. This is more of a physiological thing than anything. If I talk about a project then never do anything then I’ll be disappointed in myself, but it if I and plugging away at it at whatever pace I want to privately then when I becomes something real I can talk about it and follow through on it.

One other thing I’ve started doing more this year is writing that is just for me.

I’m an open book, I don’t hide anything, I am happy to talk to almost anyone about anything and always do so honestly. A lot of what this blog is is just that, a brain fart of whatever I’m thinking about at the time.

But there are sometimes things that are just for me. Writing them down has been the most helpful way of not letting me get trapped in a feedback loop of over thinking something but I don’t need to publish all of that. I keep those writings in a folder on my phone/laptop, but that’s where they stay. I’ll go back and read them when I need to.

I’ve got some writings from a long while ago that I’m not precious about keeping just for myself anymore. Things that are no longer relevant or were an explanation of how I was feeling at the time. I’ve toyed with posting them as one big blog at some point but it’s also just a matter of finding an appropriate time.

Oh, one big thing I really want to do is redesign my site completely. I want to make it cleaner, quicker and easier to access past blog posts by day. If anyone has any helpful tips for doing this, please send them my way. I don’t want to take my site off line for a prolonged period of time while working on a redesign if I can avoid it.

I don’t really have a good way to wrap this one up today. If you’ve read any of my posts for the last two years, thank you. If you’ve got something from any of them, amazing I’d love to know what. If you have anything you would like me to write about in the next year and a half, let me know!

I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully you will too.

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