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Chillin' Like A Couple Of Villains

Theres been a couple of evenings this week that I’ve just hung out with a good friend of mine while we would both be doing what we would normally be doing alone. It’s kind of awesome being able to hang out and enjoy each others company while not necessarily doing anything. Theres an old phrase I’m sure I’m going to butcher that is something like, “Find the people you’re comfortable doing nothing with,” and that’s exactly what it’s been.

For a couple of people who generally like and enjoy their own company more than that of others it’s a refreshing feeling having that same level of comfort but also having some company. Rae’s been content doing some embroidery and I’ve been writing blog posts, there’s been some chilled music or a podcast playing and it’s been very chill.

I don’t really have much more of a point to this one. I just caught up and did yesterdays post to so I’ll probably leave it there. I did just knock up a contact sheet for the new tattoos I’m getting on Saturday, just as a size reference. I’m looking forward to getting those few little bits and pieces, but I’ll write about that and show them off then.

The NFL season starts tonight, I’m going to try and stay up and watch at least a bit of the game but I do still have to be up early so I doubt I’ll watch all of it. Oh, and tomorrows post might be late; Gears of War 5 is out and we’re going to play a bunch of that tomorrow night. Until then though… hasta luego.

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