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On Monday I hit my three hundred and sixty fifth consecutive day of closing my active calorie goal on my Apple Watch and working out for at least half an hour. An entire year of exercising every single day. No gaps, no rest days, no sick days.

It is legitimately one of my proudest achievements of my life so please excuse me for coming off as a bit braggy in this post.

I bought myself an exercise bike just before Xmas last year. I was in a low place and needed to do something for myself to keep myself busy and distracted. I am not a person who has ever been into fitness as a hobby the way some people are, but I figured with an exercise bike that folds up fairly neatly I could hop on that and either watch something on my laptop or play a video game while I pedalled. Other than games on my phone I don’t think I’ve ever actually played a game while on there but I do watch things on my laptop the whole time still to this day.

I’ve had an Apple Watch since my thirtieth birthday and have always liked checking the fitness tracking on it, even when I wasn’t actively using it for anything. When I started noticing a streak forming I knew I was in.

There are three rings on the watch’s tracking; the red one is ‘Active Calories’ the number of calories burned while your doing stuff, not just the natural burning of them our bodies are always doing to survive. Closing that ring is based on the calorie goal you set for yourself at the start of each week and it will recommend an incremental increase based on your previous weeks results. The green ring is ‘Exercise Minutes’, tracked when your heart rate is up and you’re working out or walking at a brisk pace. To close that you just need to get thirty minutes a day. The final ring is the blue one which is ‘Standing Hours’ which encourages you to stand and move around for one minute every hour. Twelve of those in a day and your ring is closed.

I got a perfect month in January of this year, my first ever. I closed all three rings every day.

And then again in February, and March and so on.

By the time the summer rolled round and I was six months perfect I knew I wanted to achieve a perfect year. I had a few close calls where I almost didn’t get it for one silly reason or another, never due to not actually closing the rings but more a case or leaving my watch somewhere or losing a days worth of data because of an update, but thankfully those issues were solved by either a little help or me just going somewhat crazy and more than doubling the amount of exercise I did in one day.

We’re now just two weeks away from closing out December and me getting the ‘Perfect Month achievement for the twelfth consecutive time, but that is just icing on the cake as I’ve already hit a year or working out every day.

I’m going to do a post in a couple of weeks with all the progress pictures I’ve taken through the year, but I’m just sharing this one now. I didn’t take a picture the day I started working out, it wasn’t for about a week that I thought I should maybe see what I looked like at the start of the journey.

I’be increased what I do by quite a lot since the initial cardio on the bike and I don’t plan on stopping anytime. What I am looking forward to is those days when I may be busy with something or other and I may not close all three rings. That first one will suck, but I think it will also feel like somewhat of a relief. The streak will be broken at that point but my dedication won’t be.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go an eat a big fucking pizza.

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