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4/20 Nonsense Post (That actually gets pretty deep)

Lets do a rambly one and see what happens eh? I’ve got a few ideas bouncing around but nothing that I feel I could flesh out into a full post.

I had a pretty crappy nights sleep last night, I struggled to fall asleep and then woke up a few times in the night. I think I got a fair amount in in total, but it was quite disrupted. Thats the blessing of not having alarms or anything in particular I need to do at the moment though, disrupted sleep isn’t at much of an issue. I’ve also thankfully not had too much of it, I’ve been pretty okay so far.

At one point I did wake up and notice it was close to 4:20am and it gave me a little chuckle. 4:40 on 4/20 in 4.20, that only happens once every hundred years, well twice but they’re both on the same days, it’s like somehow rarer than a total solar eclipse and yet its only the stoners who care.

I haven’t smoked weed since being in Amsterdam in 2016 and haven’t regularly for the better part of a decade at this point. I don’t have anything against it and think it can be beneficial for a lot of people who are suffering from a number of ailments, but I just don’t have any interest and wouldn’t risk my job just to get high one time. I don’t miss it at all, but given the worlds circumstances and the fact I don’t have work until the end of May, I’m not going to lie, if I had some today, I’d have probably blazed it this afternoon.

I said something yesterday that got me thinking a little, I don’t have enough on it to do a full post but I wanted to extrapolate a little bit on it. Days don’t matter to me anymore. By that I mean what particular day of the week it is has no bearing on how I go about my life.

Obviously not being at work is the big one, I work Monday to Friday and am lucky enough that my days aren’t monotonous as some others. I do sometimes think of my days as working or not working though. There are other little things that I would usually use to keep track of though, for instance if I was going to go to the bar to write I wouldn’t go on a Friday or Saturday night, I know that a lot of places have reduced hours on Sundays, some places don’t open at the weekend at all, if I want to get my hair cut it’s cheaper to do it on a Wednesday, that kind of thing.

Literally the only thing I have to keep track of days for now is what shows are new out, when to put the bins out and when certain take out joints may be closed. If I need to go to the shop I’m generally going to go mid to late morning so as long as it is daylight out I’m good… and that is all I do. I will help friends out as and when is needed, but that puts the emphasis on knowing what day it is on them rather than me. I haven’t lost track of what day it is yet (Monday) but what day it is is starting to lose some meaning to me.

I have to count myself lucky though, if thats about as bad as I’m feeling about lockdown then I have it pretty lucky. I spoke to my mum today, hi mum, and she admitted she was starting to struggle. There was some language in her message that got to me a bit and I did my best to comfort her on it. I like to think I succeeded, but it is still worrying to see people, not just my mum, starting to think of this lockdown as a rule they have to follow imposed by ‘the man’ or some authority. That is so not the case. Using my mum as an example, sorry mum, she was lamenting the freedom, peace and love hippie movements of the sixties and seventies and was finding it convenient that protests all around the world were suddenly all swept away. It sounded like a lot of bollocks my brother would have regurgitated from the ‘sources’ he likes to hold as gospel would say and it irked me to hear it from my mum who usually has a good bullshit filter. What I was trying to impart on her is that staying at home is the protest.

I know I’m not alone when I say that nine times out of ten I would choose to avoid seeing, dealing with or bumping into people wether I know them or not and staying in almost always wins over the idea of going out. The difference is we all like having the choice. Having that choice stripped of us may feel like we are having our liberty taken away but it is not the case.

There isn’t a face that is the enemy in this whole thing, its a fucking virus that professionals are trying to learn more about, create cures for out of nothing but sheer willpower and thin air while others are trying desperately to keep the unfortunate people who have a bad case of it alive. The way we combat that kind of enemy is to get the fuck out of the way. To let those who know better do their jobs and to literally hide from it so that we’re not giving those professionals more unnecessary work to do. If the only people sick and in hospitals were the essential workers who have to be out there doing their thing in order for us to keep living the lives we’re accustomed to, then there wouldn’t be a problem, but too many people are ignoring this shit and not taking it seriously.

Politicising, blaming and flat out lying to the people from the two governments who, lets face it, do control a large portion of our lives is not helping anything and it seems that only now the people who voted those governments into power in the first place are starting to see the problems even if they won’t admit that it comes from the top down.

Wow, I got off on a tangent a bit there, must be the second rum of the day that I’m on.

It does lead my to the final thing I wanted to bring up though, We The Independent, it’s a movement started by independent professional wrestler David Starr (stage name, obviously.) It’s a company(?) that is designed to promote, protect, fund and care for independent wrestlers who suffer from terrible working contracts and deals in order to perform and do what they love as well as promote the idea of unionisation and equality. A portion of all their proceeds goes to Equity UK which helps find similar initiatives all over, not just in the silly world of predetermined sports.

Their podcast is one I’ve never listened to before but always been interested in so today, when I saw they had an episode covering basically everything that is going on in the world today I thought I’d give it a shot.

While it is framed by talk about professional wrestling, the news of all the unnecessary lay offs and furloughs WWE made last week being a big talking point, that (because its 2020 and we live in bizarroworld) connects directly to a lot of the political stuff going on mostly in America too, but as Starr lives and works in the UK and the other two guys on the episode are British, they cover stuff going on here too.

It was an engaging, engrossing and fascinating listen that I would recommend whole heartedly. I only intended to listen to a bit but ended up going through the whole two hours, which gave me a good excuse to cut the grass while I was at it.

My garden looks amazing at the moment, it almost feels wasteful for it to only be enjoyed by me. When this all settles down I’m going to have an awesome barbecue, just you wait.


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