• James Hewlett


Well, I didn’t have anything to write about today but with the news being made official I guess I’ll talk about the fact that the country is going into a second lockdown.

Obviously this is brand new and nothing has been said about it yet but I suspect and honestly hope, that it means I’ll be furloughed from work again. Not because I don’t want to work, but because with everything closing it is going to be utterly pointless for me to be working and wasting such time going up and down to Basingstoke every day.

My hope is that I get furloughed, find another job in that time and not have to go back again.

We’ll see though.

I think this second lockdown was inevitable and I genuinely believe the month that has been laid out will be extended over xmas. The people of this country are so damn stubborn that they won’t adhere to restrictions, and the rules in place are slack enough that I just can’t see it having enough of an effect to curb the rampant spread again.

I’ve been telling the few friends I’ve spoken to since the news came out to not plan for four weeks; plan and expect at least eight so that if it is just four you’ll be happy about it but won’t be caught off guard when it goes longer.

Yeah, this year has fucking sucked balls, but we’ve got to stop saying, “Ah man, 2020, amiright?!”

Doing that just leads us all into a false sense that next year is going to be any better and I hate to be that guy but in all likelihood it isn’t. It’s not going to be ‘better’ for a long time.

But we’re human still and despite our many many many flaws, we’re the most adaptable species that has ever lived. So yeah, it all blows and isn’t likely to get much better, but we can get used to what we’ve got.

This year has taken a lot from all of us, but I can’t be alone in thinking about a lot of the good times I’ve also had this year. I think I’m even more grateful for them because of the contrast to the rest of the time. It’s been high highs and low lows, be we keep moving forward.


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