• James Hewlett


What did I do today? A whole lot of nothing to be totally honest. I did a bit of light exercise this morning, trying to ease myself back into a routine, but I’m still clearly not well enough to do my usual amount as even a smaller amount was spiking my heart rate way more than normal.

Yesterday’s ‘Hopepunk’ post seems to have gone down really well, I’ve had a lot of great response to it and it’s nice to see that people are connecting with the theme. It gives me hope for humanity.

I used Rogue One as a movie example in that post but as I was going to sleep I thought of a good bit of music that also encapsulates the idea. It’s from the soundtrack to the movie Dope from 2015, I’ve talked about the film before and possibly the song too on one of my year end playlists. The band is fictional, it’s just the three high school kids from the film’s band but the music was co-written by Pharrell Williams.

This song is Hopepunk through and through. Enjoy.

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