• James Hewlett


I’ve been open with all of my fitness and healthy living progress over the last, what, fourteen months or so. I’ve halved my body fat percentage, dropped a bunch of excess weight and feel great physically and mentally as a result.

As I continue on though I not only add to and alter my workout routines to suit what I want to work on but I’m always looking at ways of assisting through my diet.

When I set out to get healthier I was well aware that healthy eating is way more impactful than working out. I definitely eat better than I have ever before and I’m always very conscious of what I choose to eat, but I enjoy good food. I enjoy going out for dinner. I enjoy getting take out. I think it’s important to still enjoy those sorts of things and I wasn’t going to give any of that up.

I’ve seen ads for lots of different complete meal substitute shakes before and I’ve heard lots about Huel so when Rae said she had checked out one of their ready made shakes and was wondering if I wanted to split an order I was very interested. I tried the same one and was pleased to find that it wasn’t only tolerable, I really enjoyed it and found myself looking forward to the next one.

My first delivery of Huel powder arrived today.

Each drink is a complete meal with everything the body needs and none of the other stuff.

I’m only planning on having one a day as a replacement to lunch and only on the days I’m at work. While I only ever pick up a low calorie, healthy meal deal for my lunch when I do stop to eat having one of these instead will not only be a better and more rounded meal but works out about half the price as well.

With my weight and body fat in a place I’m extremely happy with at the moment having something that can make it easy to maintain that and save me some money in the process feels like a win win in my books!


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