• James Hewlett

A Day Off

Nothing much to say today, just want to knock this one out and go to bed.

I tried to sleep at a ‘normal’ time last night but ended up being awake in bed until three am because I’ve got my body clock trained for that now. It wasn’t so bad, I still got plenty of sleep.

I did wake to a long text message that has given me some unwanted mental anguish today but I’ve got through it and the status quo has remained how it has been. So in the grand scheme of things it’s sort of like nothing happened.

I have had three nice long catch up conversations with friends today though, that’s been really cool. I miss being able to do it in person.

Just finished Devs and am blown away. That might be the best tv mini-series I’ve seen in a very long time. I fucking loved it from start to finish.

That’s all tonight. Hasta mañana.


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