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A Decade Of Music

I’ve been doing these look backs on the decade each week and I’ve been trying to figure out how to do one for music. I decided that I’m going to go through my annual playlists, pick one song from each year and create a ten track playlist.

Some of these may be the song that captures the spirit of the year for me, some may be ones I discovered that year that have stuck with me and some might just be a favourite I want to feature again or show a little love for. They won’t all be from the year I’ve placed them, but they were on that years playlist for me. Enjoy!

2010 - Little Secrets - Passion Pit

This was the year I discovered Passion Pit, actually may have been December ’09 I first heard them but was listening to the album Manners a lot that year. I still think its an amazing record and definitely helped influence where some of my musical tastes have gone this decade.

2011 - Freaks & Geeks - Childish Gambino

There was never going to be anything else in this slot. I knew of Gambino after Culdesac but it was the EP this year that got me obsessed. Childish Gambino is almost certainly my artist of the decade and may come up again on this list. I try not to double up on artists on my yearly playlists… there are four of his songs on this years.

2012 - Infinity Guitars - Sleigh Bells

This is tough as there a lot of bangers on this years list. I almost went with A Real Hero from the Drive soundtrack but having recently listened to the debut album Treats again I think Sleigh Bells mix of electronica, punk rock and ethereal vocals has just stuck with me more than anything. It’s an album I can’t not dance around my house like a twat to whenever it comes on.

2013 - Did I Say That Out Loud? - Barenaked Ladies

BNL nailed it with Grinning Streak, their second album after becoming a four piece when Steve Page left the band. They had found their feet again and just nailed it with a nice, fun, cleaver and witty album. It stacks up there with Gordon and Stunt as a standout from my favourite band. Oh and the video… if you know, you know.

2014 - 1901 - Phoenix

There was a lot of dancier/clubbier stuff on this playlist, it was the year I was the resident DJ at Revs in Bournemouth two or three nights a week. This is a track that I’d heard on various soundtracks and adverts since it was first released but it was the sample of it on a Girl Talk record that made me seek it out. I still listen to it often.

2015 - Can’t Bring Me Down - Awreeoh

This isn’t even a real band! This is a track from the soundtrack of an amazing and massively overlooked movie, Dope, where the lead characters have the band. Misfit, outcast nerdy black kids trying to survive high school in L.A. its punk rock and rap mixed to perfection. If I’m not mistaken the music was written and produced by Pharrel. Rey’s Theme from The Force Awakens was a close follow up.

2016 - Ghost - Halsey

So many great tracks on this playlist that I added after hearing them on one of the various rock radio stations I was listening to driving around Hawaii. This one I actually first heard on the short lived Cameron Crowe produced show Roadies where Halsey was a guest star. Beautiful voice and a solid pop song.

2017 - Sunset - The Midnight

Oh wow, so this is when I discovered The Midnight then!? It feels like more recently because I have still yet to get sick of any of their songs and cannot stop listening to them. They give Gambino a run for his money on artist of the decade but they entered the game a little late to take it. I’ve written about seeing them live recently so I won’t bang on any more. Fuck I love this band and this song is the perfect gateway.

2018 - This Is America - Childish Gambino

There is a lot of contenders on this years list too, but this one has to take it for the cultural impact it had. It is an amazing song with a powerful video. It feels like an ‘Important’ song. Just… just watch it, even if you’ve seen it before, watch it again.

2019 - Change - Blind Melon

There are tons of tracks on this years playlist that have a big significance on me, it might just be because its recent and I can still remember why each of the songs are on there but this one, which has been on previous years lists too just feels like it encapsulates my year. I adore Blind Melon, this song in particular, so much so I had a line from it permanently added to my body.

I’ll be going through my annual playlist in the last week of the year, so everything else will have my commentary on it then.

Hope you liked this one, it was fun to write while listening to some of these great tunes. I’ll be back tomorrow to probably talk about the wrestling show I’m going to this afternoon. Later.

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