• James Hewlett

A Dream Of Spring

Thought I might fuck around and write the final book for George as there’s no way he’s ever going to.

Not really, though I’m pretty certain I’ve written more words in the last three and a half years than he has so I’ll let you decide if that makes me more impressive or not.

No, what I am doing today is procrastinating from working on my final post or two. Though if I’m procrastinating by doing stuff for today instead of stuff for Tuesday/Wednesday does that really count? Who knows.

It’s a beautiful spring day today, I’ve got some nice tunes spinning, the door wide open, a cold glass of Pepsi Max and as it’s Easter Sunday, some chocolates to nibble on as I type away. I do have to go to work in a bit, but thats okay, I’d rather work this weekend and get paid a bunch for the bank holidays and have next weekend off anyway, even if the weather isn’t as good.

I’m really looking forward to this summer. I think it is still going to be a more subdued one than most years but hopefully with a large portion of the population vaccinated we’ll be able to do stuff moyou re often.

That is what I’m hoping for, stuff. I work long hours so days I am working I only really have a few hours around lunch time that I can do anything, but that just means that when I’m off I want to be making the most of it. I’m hoping for lots of barbecues, either hosted or attended, going to the beach or other areas by the water, hopefully get out on it in some capacity, sitting outside enjoying the long summer evenings sipping on a mixed drink and eating tasty food, walks in the forest and spontaneous socialising.

I’m not going to get my hopes up for any of it, that seems like a road to disappointment, but my inner hopepunk can’t help but see the potential for a really great summer. Normally I’d tell you to keep checking back every day to see how it plays out, but you won’t get much of that from me regularly any more. What will you get though? That’ll you’ll have to come back tomorrow to read about!


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