• James Hewlett

A Friend In Need, etc.

For the second night in a row Ed and I have been playing through Gears 5 and shooting the shit.

The old saying goes that misery loves company and I often think that is a negative thing, that people drag others down with them when they’re in a rough spot. I hate that, it’s not a nice thing and should be avoided at all costs. But the fact that one of my best friends and I are simultaneously feeling crappy in completely unrelated ways has been a bit of a comfort. We’ve been able to chat about our shit, distract each other from it, give honest and informed but judgement free advise and generally help each other out.

I know I definitely feel better for it. I have enough people who are always willing and wanting to help but it’s different and not always the right thing in the moment. Chatting to my mate is less about getting help through a rough patch and more just about keeping each other’s spirits up, we know we’ll both get through it in our own time and in our own ways but it’s just a nice way to spend a few hours.

I’m so very grateful for the close friends I have. It sucks not being able to see them in person at the moment but being able to connect in other ways is better than nothing.

I’ll be back tomorrow, probably moaning about work or something, catch you later.


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