• James Hewlett

A Week Off In A Day

It was the first of my few days off today and it started well. I was woken up a little earlier than I would have on my own by a delivery of a record I found online at under regular retail price despite it being out of print for years and usually going for lots of money!

I was quite alright with the earlier wake up as it meant to got half my work out done early before heading to a friends to watch WandaVision and eat some Slim Chickens for lunch. I haven’t had anything other than healthy food all week and no take out in even longer so it was an absolutely delicious treat. I still logged everything I ate and ended the day within the goals I’ve set myself, proving they as long as you’re aware of what you’re eating you can still have nice things too!

WandaVision continues to rule but I’ll probably write more about that next week after the finale.

I headed home and got some bits and bobs done around the house, I had a ton of laundry that needed doing and I also finished up my daily exercise with some weights.

The reason I came home at all during the day was because I was recording another episode of InvinciPod with Ralph. We always have to schedule them at times that work for us both and where he is in California, the eight hour time difference means it’s usually early evening for me and late morning for him.

We’re a month away from Invincible laughing now and I cannot wait!

This evening I went and hung out with Mitchell again, I said it last time but both of us have been rolling without much of an in person support bubble for most of this year so far so it’s been really fucking cool to just chill out and chat shit for a few hours. We would start watching something, go off on a tangent and talk about something else then end up watching that video or whatever. It was great fun.

This post has gone up late because by the time I got home I was beat and ready to get a nice two am early night. I’m playing games on zoom tomorrow (Saturday) night, so if I don’t get a post up before that it’ll probably be late again. I’m sure you’ll cope.


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