• James Hewlett

A-Wings & Old Friends

Last week, as a little treat for myself starting my new job, I ordered a Lego set I’ve had my eye on for some time.

It arrived today, perfectly timed for the few days off I have and so this afternoon I started work on it. It’s a nice big set that will definitely take multiple sittings, something I’ve not had in a long while. It’s also a really intricately detailed model, lots of neat features and details on the interior that don’t need to be there as they’ll generally won’t be seen and aren’t required for the structural integrity.

It’s for reasons like that that I really love these Lego sets. This is the first of the Ultimate Collectors Series of Star Wars vehicles I’ve owned but I’ve been an admirer of them for years. This particular series as well as my other favourite product line, the Architecture setts and the new Botanical line show that Lego understand they have an adult audience as well as kids and they’re committed to serving those customers just as much. I love it.

I also love catching up with a friend I haven’t spoken to much lately and haven’t had a proper video chat catch up with in even longer. I’ve got a small group of people I’ve been friends with for over half my life at this point and it is always an absolute blast just shooting the shit with any of them, wether it’s every week recording a podcast, daily via text or every couple of months on FaceTime.

Today was a good day.


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