• James Hewlett

Achy Daze

Yeah I’ve got nothing today, sorry.

I’ve had really achy hamstrings for the last couple of days, I’ve reintroduced yoga into my exercise routines but dropped back a couple of levels to rebuild my muscles and balance. It didn’t feel like it, but I either over stretched them on Sunday or else it’s building back up and is bloody painful in the process.

It’s one of those good aches though I guess, it’s a pain bought on my doing something good so I can deal with it. Still makes me feel like an old bastard though when I go, ooh and argh every time I sit down or stand up.

I was hoping that a nice soak in the bath might help today but it doesn’t seem to have yet, I’m planning on splitting tomorrow’s work out into two sections instead of doing it all in one big go, hopefully that’ll do some good.

I do think the biggest factor is that despite still making sure I get plenty of exercise in and am burning plenty, inevitably, when I’m not doing that stuff I’m sitting around a lot in comfy positions. Normally if I’m sat in my van at least my legs are stretched out a bit, now I find myself getting comfy on the sofa and tucking my feet up. I guess that going from stretched and worked to curled up and relaxed isn’t the ideal thing for those muscles, so I’ve been making an effort to remember to keep my legs stretched out when I’m sat down more often.

There we go, a short and sweet post about my achy legs. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

Oh yeah, I was missing burgers so I made some lovely ones!

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