• James Hewlett

Adapting and Quizzing

It has amazed me how quickly and easily the world has adapted to this new normal that we are living in. I am hesitant to estimate how long this is going to be how we are living but I believe that eventually, when things ‘get back to normal’ that normal will not look the same at all. The lasting effects of this global pandemic are going to change things, some big some very small but it’s seeing how people have adapted to the drastic changes that have been made recently that make me think that those new normals will work out okay.

Of course there are always outliers, the people who are refusing to change their way of life and pretty much ignoring the world around them, but from what I’ve seen I’m glad that those selfish assholes seem in be in the minority.

Adaptability is something I’ve often thought of as one of my best personal attributes, the circumstances and changes throughout myself have helped make that so, but seeing communities, countries, hell the whole world adapting on varying scales has been heartening.

Last night I took part in a pub quiz. No no, I didn’t go to a pub that was sneakily still open like it was a speakeasy in prohibition America (there’s a business idea!) It was a virtual pub quiz where everyone was safely tucked away in their own homes.

Ed’s friend was hosting it via a livestream and people had organised teams and their own ways of communicating. There ended up being thirty plus teams from all over the UK and even one international team involved. The team I was part of was a few local friends and we jumped into a video chat so we could deliberate our answers.

It was fun, there were some obvious technical glitches and I think a test stream or two with a small group would have benefitted instead of diving in with a large audience off the bat, but it was something to do for a couple of hours on a Sunday evening. It was nice socialising with friends via video chat.

Our team didn’t take it too seriously and felt like we had missed a ton of questions, so by the end of the quiz we were ready to just submit our answer sheet and log off, not too bothered about sticking around for the scoring. I messaged Ed, who was playing on a different team, to let me know how we did and he responded letting me know that because of the amount of teams the host was getting everyone to score their own. I’m not sure who marked ours, but a little while later we got a message letting us we had won!

Somehow, we’d messed around and out scored everyone else! Unbelievable.

I don’t know if we’ll bother playing again if they do another one or if bowing out after being the first winners is more our move but we’ll see.

It’s Monday for those who can’t keep track, a whole new week and I have no idea what I’m going to write about! I’m still working as of now though, so my days haven’t been disrupted much yet. I’ll be back with something tomorrow, come back then and be just as surprised as me!


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