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Adding Art and Catching Up

I got four new tattoos today, all up around my left shoulder where I already had a few.

They’re all somewhat silly pieces, but that fits with the theme of that shoulder. It’s all a bit of a random assortment.

The biggest one is a design I’ve been after for a little while and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. The words are lyrics from Blind Melon’s Change, a song I adore and holds a special place for me and the other two smaller bits are just a bit of fun and fit nicely where they are.

I’ll post some better pictures in a couple of weeks when they’re healed up.

The interesting part of the whole thing was that they were done by an ex-girlfriend I haven’t seen in nearly eight years. She kept popping up on various ‘people you may know’ lists so I checked out her tattooing instagram and was really impressed. It wasn’t a surprise, she was always a great artist and keen collector of tattoos herself. Just as we were splitting up she had started dabbling in doing it herself and has been ever since.

So a couple of weeks ago I pinged her a message to see if she would be up for doing something for me or if it would be too weird. She was really receptive to the idea and we chatted a bit and got it booked in.

It was strange, and apparently she was really nervous this morning before I got there, but we had a catch up and everything before hand and it was really cool. After so long and us both having led very different lives it was good to see her again. We never worked as a couple, but it was nice to be able to be friends again after all this time.

I’m also super glad to have a tattooist I’m friend that I can shoot ideas back and forth with and plan other designs. It’s tricky otherwise as a person with no artistic talent, but I know her artwork well enough that I can describe ideas and trust she’ll be able to draw something up that matches.

Hope you all like the slight redesign I did to the website last night. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages. The plan is for it to be quicker and easier to get to the posts you want to see. If anything isn’t working or you think needs tweaking, please let me know.

There are share buttons, comment sections and an easier way to sign up to be notified of new posts too, so ya know, do all that. I don’t know if I’m done working on it completely yet, but I am liking the fresh feeling of it. Though I am still getting used to the 'new' blog format and missing my typewriter font.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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