• James Hewlett

Adjusting Travel Plans

As things started progressing rapidly with COVID I was keeping an eye on the situation.

At first I was hopeful that by July things would have settled down and it wouldn’t be too effected or disrupted. It fairly quickly became clear to me that the event was likely to be delayed or cancelled and then shortly after that travel in general would be nearly impossible still by July.

I wasn’t worried about any of it though. It’s all beyond my control and there was no point worrying until there was something to worry about.

When Rooster Teeth announces last weekend that RTX was officially postponed until labour day weekend in September I started looking into adjusting everything else.

At the time the airline was only offering adjustments on flights within the current US travel lockdown, through the end of May, but based on the policies that had in place for that I was sure that it wasn’t going to be a problem, it just wasn’t something I could sort out immediately.

Believe it or not I had it ear marked to write about this today regardless, so this afternoon when I got the email saying any flights scheduled for this year could be shifted free of fees it felt fortuitous.

After a little looking at the options I was able to adjust our flights to the correct dates for us at the start of September. The date change did mean they weren’t exactly like-for-like, but a £34 price difference was an easy pill to swallow compared to the alternative.

The hotel was the same situation, a quick adjustment on booking.com and a small increase in price and that too is booked for the new dates. Hotel and flights combined came to just shy of £50 more expensive than before, but at least it’s sorted.

For now of course. There’s no telling what will happen in the next few months and everyone is being a lot more tentative when they talk about future dates for things. They’re set for now, but if things don’t improve before then, then it’s likely the whole thing will be called off. That’s a bridge to not think about unless it comes to it though.

The next step for me is getting my time off adjusted with work... I already have a week off in September so hopefully bringing it forward by a couple of weeks won’t be too much of an issue. Under the circumstances, it shouldn’t be.

I hope everyone is having a good week, I know I am! Focusing on positive things is important more than ever at the moment. Keep on keeping on!

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