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Adult Talking

It’s kind of sad that it has taken until age thirty two to be able to have honest, open, mature conversations about usually uncomfortable and awkward topics.

It’s not that I’ve been unable to, it has just always felt that I’ve been in situations where one side or the other would rather avoid talking altogether or would be walking on eggshells so much trying to appease or defuse a situation that no real resolution would ever manifest.

I love that I’m at a place now where the people I keep close are on the same boat as me and know that if they need to have a real conversation with me all they need to do is say so.

I had one of those this afternoon, a conversation that would normally suck but being able to talk, not jump to conclusions and to clarify and misconstrued context really makes a huge difference. It can make a conversation with some unfortunate news way more bearable.

I’m kind of just rambling and saying one of the most obvious things in the world; communication is key. But I think it’s worth remembering and bringing up now and then, because it is so easily forgotten and does so much damage when it is neglected.

I’m going to be dealing with my bullshit that is a result of people not practicing honest and open communication with me for years to come, I’m well aware of this. Hell, I become more and more aware of how deep those scars are fairly regularly, but I’m getting there. The best thing I can do to continue to get better to to practice what I preach.

I’m a pretty open book and pride myself in giving zero bullshit and I’m glad that the people I keep close, however few of them there are, do the same.

A little while ago I wrote about how I’ve matured and know when to bite my tongue more than I did when I was in my early twenties. I stand by that statement and still think that young people, for the most part, are stupid even when they mean well, but I also think I need to find a better balance and maybe speak up sooner in some situations. I don’t know, I still think maybe that isn’t the right move. You know what, I’m just rambling and talking in vague circles now. This isn’t good content.

Before you wonder and or worry, I’m alright. You’d know if I wasn’t. I just needed to kind of brain fart this one out this evening. I should be back to more regular scheduled programming this week.

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