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Affirmative Action

After a couple of weeks of feeling down in the dumps I decided to start doing some positive stuff today.

It’s definitely a coping mechanism and only a step on the way to feeling better but it’s been nice focusing on other stuff and getting on with it.

Getting my hair cut this morning was also really nice, I had one last month after months of it growing out but it had got to the awkward stage of being too long to be short but not long enough to look good again. That would have been at least another month away and I prefer keeping it tidy when I can.

Since then I’ve been out here in the garden being productive on my laptop and reading my book.

I’ve started taking the first few steps and progressing my life and one of those has been applying for an electricians qualification course. It’s a flexible thing only requiring one day a week in the classroom/workshop, so my intention is it still work while studying a new trade. I have no idea if I’ll get it or not and I’m in an awkward situation at the moment regardless as the course would be free if I was unemployed and seeking work but considerably more expensive if I were in employment. I’m waiting to find out if I’m going to be made redundant at the moment and the longer that process is taking the more I’m getting the feeling I might well be.

On that same note, this afternoon I gave my CV a tidy up, update and tweak. I haven’t sent it out to any potential jobs as of yet, but the intent is there. I have reached out to an old colleague I got on well with and who left just before lock-down. He’s going to give me a call back later about the possibility of work at his place now.

I have a bunch of notes I need to take for the podcast recordings we’re doing tomorrow but until these supposed storms come in I’m going to carry on sitting and enjoying the outside sunshine and warmth. This indoor kid has missed being outside.


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