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I’ve felt pretty crappy the last couple of evenings, I think a lot of it comes from being really tired. I’ve not slept well for a few days, either being unable to fall asleep, having broken and restless sleep or stress dreams.

I’m sure it will pass and I’ll go back to sleeping well soon, but it’s a pain for now.

Times like these at other points in the year I’ve numbed by drinking through them to take the edge off and put me to sleep, but I’m proud of how well I’ve done with not drinking this month and I think it’s actually quite good that I’ve felt crap while not drinking as it’s forced me to actually get through it properly.

That being said, I picked up a few non-alcoholic beers the other day, mostly because I enjoy the hoppy flavours of the craft beers I drink and also as a bit of a placebo effect for me. I’ve got to say, some of these breweries are doing a damn good job with these alcohol free bevs! They’re really good and don’t taste too dissimilar to their higher percentage counterparts.

Anyway, I’ve got nothing else to talk about tonight so I’m going to watch some comfort tv and get an early night. I’m going though Avatar again from the start, it really is one of the best shows ever. I bloody love it.

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