• James Hewlett

All At Once

So much to do, so little time to do it!

That’s the story of today for me. I say ‘to do’ but really I mean so much to watch, but when you write and podcast about pop culture you kind of have to be on top of these things!

After weeks of having a nice release of just one, maaaybe two things I want to watch a week, today saw the release of the latest episode of For All Mankind on Apple TV+, the second episode of Falcon & The Winter Soldier on Disney+ and the first three episodes of Invincible on Prime Video! All of them between forty and sixty minutes each.

Oh and Mitchell is back on the radio for the first time in fifteen months today so I’ve been trying to support him and listen to that as much as possible too!

Could I have skipped working out when I got up, sure. Did I really have to go to asda? I mean my fridge was bare but I have Huel and water but I fancied something else.

Could I have written this at work? I mean, yes but who knows when it would have gone up!

All that left me having to prioritise what to watch first.

I decided to go with the spectacle of the MCU show first, that deserves a big screen.

Then I wanted to watch the first episode of Invincible as Ralph and I are recording the podcast about that tomorrow. I will actually be rewatching it before then too.

I’m actually going to wrap this now and squeeze in another episode before work but I think the third Invincible and For All Mankind episodes may have to be watched later on.

I have a pretty busy weekend, hell, week, ahead between work and everything else but I’m sure there will still be some good writing coming too!


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