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An Interesting Title

I should have thought of something more interesting to write today, it’s not like I’ve gone anywhere or done anything more than I’ve been doing all week.

But I didn’t, so this is all you’re getting today.

I say today but it’s actually one in the morning tomorrow! Two late nights in a row is very weird for me but my sleep pattern has been so fucked this week that it’s not all that surprising.

Today’s been a mixed bag, it started off pretty shitty with some miscommunication leading to some upset with a close friend that I don’t want to go into detail about but this afternoon and this evening has pretty lovely despite just chilling at home my by myself.

I’ve been in a slump but I am hoping that I’m starting to come back out the other side of it now, time will tell. There no point forcing these things, you just have to let them shake out the way they’re going to.

Oh yeah, I closed my living room curtains today for the first time since February. I normally leave them open as I love all the light coming in and my garden looks nice with the coloured lights at night but as it’s starting to get colder I figured keeping the heat in was probably a good idea.


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