• James Hewlett

And I Would Walk 5000 Miles

Today, to get out of the house and grab a bit of exercise that wasn’t just the usual, I decided to walk to Totton. Was I hoping that I’d get a call saying my car was done and I’d be conveniently close? Sure. Was I expecting that? No. So I wasn’t disappointed when I didn’t happen.

From there I thought, fuck it, let’s pop into town and see what’s up, so I hopped on a train and did that too.

I looked in a couple of book shops, I had a milkshake, I caught up with Teesh at work, I sat in the park and had a burrito.

Then I thought, well, nothing else to do I’ll head home. The problem was I didn’t fancy walking back from Totton station so I was going to get a bus as it’s a much shorter walk. There wasn’t a bus for ages though so I decided to start walking with the intent that by the time the bus was passing I’d be further along and would just hop on it wherever I was at the time, or at least the closest stop.

It turns out though that I walk at a pretty fast pace when I’m on my own and am just listening to podcasts, so by the time the bus would pass me I was going to be no where near a stop and was about halfway home already. I had a choice to make; stop and wait for a while at a bus stop I’d already past or just keep going and walk all the way.

I hate turning around when I’m already going the right way so I said fuck it, it was a nice day out and I was pretty committed to it already so I just walked the entire way home from town.

This bit is probably a bit too much info but what the hell you’ve made it this far; about two kilometres from home the milkshake and burrito really started catching up to me and I really needed to poop. I came very close to shitting myself for, I’m kind of ashamed to admit, the third time in my adult life, but I managed to clench up and hold it until I got home. I swear that last stretch was the hardest part of my entire day and I probably burned twice as many calories because of it.

All in all I’ve walked twenty kilometres today, about twelve and half miles, for no other reason than why not.

My feet ache, but I’m probably going to get another five k in tomorrow to when I go and get my car, as long as the weather holds. Though of it does I may skate, which will make the long part with a nice smooth bike path much easier.

I can’t wait to get my car back.

©2017 by James Hewlett.