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Another Post About Star Wars

It’s been about a year since season seven of The Clone Wars aired on Disney+. I’m pretty certain I wrote about it at the time and more than likely a couple of times since but I am going back to the well one more time.

This season is a masterpiece, the final four episode arc in particular.

I’ve been going through the whole series over the last few months. It started just as something fun to do but then Ed and I have started to slowly record a new podcast all about Star Wars that will require us to both watch the series. There’s no release schedule for that show yet so o probably didn’t need to keep going through but I was enjoying it! I had found that I actually hadn’t seen quite a lot of the show and some of it I hadn’t watched in such a long time that I could barely remember it.

I’m not going to go into my whole thoughts on the show, that would take too long and it’s much better done in an ongoing conversation that you’ll be able to listen to... and that ladies and gentlemen is what you call a plug for an upcoming podcast.

I just want to talk specifically about the final season and what a step up it is over everything that came before!

Sure, there was years and years and multiple more animated series and movies in between the shows original run and the final season but that shouldn’t take away from the accomplishment.

It is split into three distinct story arcs, the first being a prolonged back door pilot for the new animated series The Bad Batch, that starts in May. While those four episodes are my least favourite of the season they do provide us with a good introduction to the titular characters so that when their show begins it can get going straight away without having to linger on establishing the individual principle players. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with them in the time frame the new show is set.

The second arc brings back the arguable star of The Clone Wars on the whole, Ahsoka Tano, after she was absent for all of the shows sixth season. We catch up with her and see how she’s adjusting to civilian life.

It is in these episodes that I first notice a big jump in the animation, which makes sense as The Bad Batch was more, finished, than made from scratch like these episodes and onward.

There is more connective tissue in these episodes to the greater Star Wars universe, not just previous plot lines from this animated series but the movie Solo, The Mandalorian, Rebels and it also directly leads into the final arc of the show.

The final four episodes are collectively referred to as The Siege of Mandalore and are, when watched as one piece, my favourite Star Wars prequel movie.

I don’t just mean they’re better than episodes 1-3, but better than Solo and Rogue One also.

They play out concurrently with Revenge of the Sith and enhance every element of that movie while telling a phenomenal story in their own right.

You don’t even necessarily need to have watched any of the previous season seasons of the show to be invested in this story and enjoy it from start to finish, though having all those details certainly help!

Every element from animation, choreography, lighting, sound design, voice acting, writing, direction, music and everything I’ve failed to mention is leaps and bounds above all the other Star Wars animated projects so far. You can tell that this was the pinnacle for all involved. They approached this as if they were making a feature film and not only succeeded but, in my opinion, exceeded in all aspects.

Despite knowing what was going to happen there were still multiple moments which gave me goosebumps upon watching it this evening.

I fucking love Star Wars. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that before? This was meant to just be a quick little post, but here I go writing an essay that is almost certainly of next to no interest to anyone but me.

Good thing I don’t write this shit for anyone other than me really isn’t it?


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