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Another Sunday

I don’t really have much to write about today; I’ve have a very nice day and I’m currently enjoying a soak in the tub after a later work out.

Braved Ikea this morning, not sure what the queues would be like. We were pleasantly surprised when we got there half an hour before they opened, ten minutes later the line has nearly tripled, so we timed it right.

It was honestly quite fun, sitting in the sun on the top floor of the car park felt like sitting outside of a convention waiting for it to open up; except waiting inside wasn’t Star Wars or other nerdy shit it was a well decorated monument to consumerism.

But regardless of the hypocrite it makes me, I enjoy wandering through Ikea.

I was very good too. I only got the one thing I was there for, a proper desk chair, and I got one of the cheapest ones available despite it being one of the more comfortable ones I tried. I’ve been spending a lot more time sat at my desk in the spare room and while the chairs from downstairs work, they’re not ideal so I’m happy with my purchase.

We watched Return of the Jedi this afternoon, capping off an original trilogy twofer of a weekend for me. Man, they look incredible in 4K, Disney+ is worth it for that alone!

And then yeah, I worked out this evening when I got back home. Pretty solid end to the weekend I’d say.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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