• James Hewlett

Appreciation Part 2? Ish

A little while ago I asked if anyone had any suggestions for topics I should write about and one of the responses I got was for a post about appreciating the little things.

Last week I wrote about appreciating people while they’re still around and had thought that it would go hand in hand with they suggestion. I’ve been sat here trying to think of what I can say on the topic but I’m drawing blanks.

I am struggling to find a hook or a unique take on it so I decided to just start writing anyway. Maybe something will come to me while I’m doing this or maybe it’ll end up just being a little insight into how these go sometimes.

I do think it is a really good topic, it’s something I completely agree with and try to put into practice but I don’t know what else I can say on the matter.

This past year has shown us all the importance of being a bit more grateful I think. We all took a lot of stuff for granted and assumed it would always be there or be available. Only when it has gone do we truly realise that we missed it.

I remember last year when the first few non-essential shops opened up, stuff like garden centres, taking a trip to one of them became a fun adventure again! It really didn’t bother me that I’d have to wait in line, I was happy to do it probably partially because we had a nice summer but also I was enjoying the fact that everything had kind of slowed down.

I referred to it as ‘island time’ because it reminded me of Hawaii where there’s just less of a rush. The hustle and bustle of, ‘got to get here, got to do that’ was gone.

Another example would be seeing friends and loved ones. It never used to feel like an event to meet a friend for a drink or to have lunch with some family, but now that many of us have been sticking to the rules and not doing that, when we’re able to again it is going to be great!

I don’t know, this post isn’t exactly what I wanted it to be but considering I had nothing really when I started writing it I’m glad I was able to blabber on for at least a little bit and get it done before going to work too.

I do have some other things planned that I have more of an idea on what I’m going to say, so keep an eye for them in the next couple of weeks.


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