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ATX Bound

I don’t know what to write. When I have no plans and no idea what to write about I tend to head to Brewdog and just start typing and see what happens. Thats what I’m doing at the moment.

Well, I started doing that then I got distracted for a while and it has kind of given me something to write about I guess.

Ed and I have been talking about wanting to go to RTX Austin, the original and main RTX event, for years. Then, since going to the two they had in London we knew it was only a matter of time before we did it.

I had it in my mind that I was going in 2020 regardless of anything else and a little while ago put it to him and he said he was all in.

I’ve kept an eye on flight prices and already had a good idea of what was a good or bad price based on how long we wanted to go for. Today he tells me he’s got the money and can pay for it whenever I’m ready so I had a look when I got to the bar and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was even cheaper than I’ve seen before.

So we’re going to Austin, Texas next year! At the start of July for a week, we’ll be there over the Fourth of July weekend which is when the event is. We’ll also have a day or two either side to enjoy the rest of my very favourite city in the world. I can’t fucking wait!

I’ve got a lot of cool things going on between then an now, and I’m in no way wishing the time away, but I am pretty hyped to go back to Austin and to go to RTX in Rooster Teeth’s home turf. Now I’ll really have to keep my ear to the ground for all of the events going on that aren’t officially a part of RTX. Things like Side Quest; where members of the community all go to the best food and drink places in town, and there are a lot! Events organised by RT staff like the Friday morning park run; where people go along and get a good bit of exercise in before hitting the convention itself. I Fit4RTX this year despite not going and loved it. I can’t wait to do it again in 2020 and exceeding all the set goals knowing that I’m not only way fitter and healthier but that I’ll be going to the event itself too!

Ahhhh I’m so excited.

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