• James Hewlett

Back In The Kitchen

I can’t think of what to write today so it’s probably just going to be a short one about the amazing meal I cooked this evening.

It’s the first game of the NFL season today and I’d normally be staying up to watch it, but my body is telling me I’m tired so I’m not bothering with the live broadcast, I’ll catch it tomorrow while I’m working out. I’m glad football is back, but I’m sad when I think about the amount of super spreader events that are going to be taking place across America every weekend until the season gets shut down.

That’s just my realistic view of it at least.

I recorded the next episode of the podcast with the guys this morning. It was a great fun one; plenty of silly talking points and jokes being made but we were also able to stay somewhat on topic. Everyone was in good spirits and it felt like it moved pretty seamlessly.

This evening I cooked another meal from my current Hello Fresh box. I made a sausage meatball spaghetti and it was, unsurprisingly, delicious.

I’ve not made meatballs from scratch before and while I know the process doesn’t exactly take a culinary wizard I was very pleased and a little surprised at just how easy they were to do. Sure they were formed easily but I was half expecting them to fall apart in the cooking process. By following the recipe card though I got them nice and cooked on the outside, sealing them into shape, before adding everything else and letting them fully cook through.

I can’t remember the last time I had spaghetti. It may well have been in Croatia in 2017. It’s not something I would normally pick over most things but something about this one clearly piqued my interest when I was choosing my recipes for this week and I’m happy that my suspicions were confirmed.

The only thing I’d probably change if I were to make this again is adding a bit more smoked paprika the sauce to give it a little more kick, but that’s completely a personal preference and not at all a knock on the recipe or ingredients provided.

With another box arriving Saturday and two meals left to do this week I’m going to be back in the kitchen tomorrow so check back to see what I rustle up!


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