• James Hewlett

Back In The Saddle

It was my first day back at work today since the first couple of days of April.

My furlough was extended twice and then cut a bit short so ended up being somewhere around three months in total.

Even now it’s not completely over as I’m only back part time, just working Monday and Tuesday’s with the rest of the week paid as furlough.

We had a branch all hands first thing this morning which meant me getting up at the ass crack of dawn.

I was expecting it to be mostly about new procedures that were in place and how the company is operating moving forward.

I was half right, but it was unfortunately the less good half. Procedure wise it felt very a case if same as it ever was. No one at my place adapts to change very well I have a feeling that instead of dealing with the kickback of any changes attempted, they just kept going mostly as normal as possible. It feels very much like a product of that generation.

The side I was right about was how the company has been effected and as with almost all fields there is going to be a heck of a lot of redundancies being made.

From our branch almost everyone who isn’t a driver is likely going and 30% of the drivers too.

Exactly how many and who is going/who is staying is being worked out at the moment by the powers that be. We will apparently find out in the next forty five days.

What that means for me I don’t know. Fingers crossed I’m alright and won’t need to look for another job, but if it comes to that then so be it. As I’ve said all along, there is no point worrying until there is something to worry about.

No one is getting out of this whole thing unscathed, so it doesn’t come as any real surprise to me, all we can do is wait.

I’m fucking tired! My day wasn’t exactly strenuous but getting up at five thirty was a shock to the system. I’m going to try and push through for a couple more hours though because if I let myself fall asleep now I’ll have a restless night and I’d rather just get a solid sleep in before my second and last day of work this week.


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