• James Hewlett

Back In Town

I didn’t want to feel trapped today so I decided to head into town for a mooch about. I was curious what public transport was like at the moment, what shops were like and what town in general was like.

So I masked up and head in. What else was I going to do with my day?

Overall I gotta say it was a mixed bag. I’ve seen plenty of a few specific areas since everything started but I haven’t been in to the town centre since at least the start of February, maybe even earlier than that. Wait, no, that’s a lie. I went in one time right at the start of March and it was a pretty brief trip.

Today I wandered around, people watching and seeing what it was like.

The consensus that I came to is that 80% of people don’t give a flying fuck about anyone else. Only about 20% of the general public were in masks, little regard for social distancing, even less regard for the designated path ways that are clearly marked up and down the main pedestrian walkways. It kind of made me sick and ashamed and if I wasn’t wearing a mask most people would have seen the disgusted look on my face. Seeing shit like that makes me have a really hard time sympathising when these people get sick but feel really terrible for those that do through no fault of their own.

On the positive end though, the few shops I popped into were doing a really good job of massively limiting the number of customers in at a time, keeping people moving in a designated system and reducing contact points to a minimum.

The same goes with public transport. I rarely use it but as I’m kind of stuck otherwise at the moment I was pleased to see people taking heed of the guidelines and precautions in place.

I know we all want it to be over, but just pretending it is and acting as though we’re in the clear isn’t the way to go. I fear it is going to bite us in the ass big time and cause even more irreparable damage than has already been done.

©2017 by James Hewlett.