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Back On My Grind

Tonight I am back to work for the first of my next set. Night one of seven! At least I have W long weekend to look forward to at the end of it.

I did a quick download of a few shows and movies to my phone to be able to watch offline because the signal in the guard house can be pretty spotty. I finished up Devs on my days off so need to find something new to hook me. For now I’ve just gone with some favourites or things I’ve been putting off.

We had a cool thing happen to us as a podcast last week; someone reached out through the shows email address asking if they could set up a subreddit for the podcast, basically a fan community for people, and us, to chat with each other and share stuff. I’m a big fan of Reddit in general so for someone we don’t know to a, listen and b, be a big enough fan to want to do that was really humbling! Especially as we haven’t released a new episode in months.

I’ve been chatting with the boys about that too, we have a couple in the can an one more to record before we get started on season two of the tv show. I’ve suggested and they both agree that the best thing to do would be to get those episodes out and then record when we can and get almost all of the season two episodes finished before we start releasing them. That way we won’t have to have mid season breaks and can stay consistent.

I don’t really have a whole lot else to say... Hitman 3 looks amazing on my Series X, I’ve been playing a lot of that today before work and WandaVision continues to kick ass.

See you tomorrow I guess!


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