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Back To School

The other day I mentioned exciting things on the horizon, well that horizon is actually really flipping close!

A few weeks ago I applied for a one day a week, year long electricians course and on Tuesday I found out I had been accepted and officially enrolled on it. It starts next Thursday!

I’m really excited about it but there are definitely some nerves associated too. I’ve been out of education for longer than I was ever in it at this point and it was never something I particularly enjoyed at the time.

The difference is, and it’s the same argument I’ve always had about compulsory education after a certain level and the reason I never had an interest in university, is that I am interested in and see a goal, a future, in what I am going to be studying. I have something tangible to achieve and accomplish. I’m a much different person at thirty three than I was as a teenager so I am confident I’ll get on great with the course.

The end goal of this level of training is to be qualified enough to either take on an apprenticeship level role or to train further and become fully qualified. The next course is only a single term, so could be done easily alongside whatever potential new career I start looking at in the not too distant future.

That’s not the only plate I have spinning at the moment but it’s the one I’m going to tell you about today. I’m in bed nice and early and in a good mood. I’m hoping I get a nice full nights sleep and am fresh to record with the boys on the morning.

Oh yeah, today was what I’m calling ‘dope art day’ both delivered and tattooed.


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