• James Hewlett

Bad Idea Buds

I have a couple of specific close friends who I like to ask the opinions of when I have an idea or want to do something.

I ask them for different reasons under different circumstances; sometimes it’s because I am not sure and need some trusted input, sometimes I already have decided and am looking for a little validation, occasionally I’m really looking for someone to talk me out of something I deep down know to be a bad idea but have it in my head and fairly often I am just really curious what their reaction will be.

I had one of those moments today. I had a spur of the moment thought/idea. I wasn’t totally sure of it and decided to run it by my best friend. I genuinely didn’t know if she would be in favour or against it but she always gives me good feedback and if she doesn’t have a strong opinion one way or the other it’ll start a conversation trying to figure out if it is a good idea or not.

That wasn’t the case today. It was a pretty emphatic, “No!”

What followed though was a hilarious, almost diatribe of logic to back up the reason. It was very funny and so impassioned that it almost had the opposite reaction for me, making me want to actually follow through with my fairly stupid idea just to get an even bigger reaction.

Almost is the key word there though.

I’ve had a productive ‘morning’ this morning getting a bunch of stuff done I wanted/needed to do this weekend. I’m now patiently waiting for the pizza place I want to stuff my face with to open up in half an hour so I can order that. I’m listening to one of my favourite records while I write this too, a beautiful limited edition pressing just arrived from the states this morning. I still remember buying the limited edition CD of this album in 2002 when it first came out from the little independent music store in The Bargate! Now that I’ve become more of a stereotypical ageing hipster and am buying vinyl, I’m really looking forward to record stores opening up again so I can rummage and find hidden gems.

If tomorrow’s post is a bit shit it is because I’m nursing a hangover. I’m not apologising


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