• James Hewlett

Bank Holiday Monday

Let’s get a post out on time shall we?

It’s a bank holiday again today, but it doesn’t mean anything this year. All it means is that I was meant to be in London with Pete at a wrestling show instead of chilling out at home not doing much.

It’s been cool having a chilled day of just relaxing though; I had a lie in, did my weights while on the exercise bike so I wasn’t doing that for too long but still got plenty in and I generally did whatever I felt when I wanted to.

That’s not to say I’ve been wholly unproductive though. I typed up a run down for the next for episodes of the podcast and I trimmed the bush out the front of the house that was getting a bit out of hand, at least compared to the rest, but I also played video games, watched tv and even read a couple of comics as they started coming out again last week.

I’m sitting here now debating wether I want to light the fire pit and read outside for a bit or play a card game... it’s a tough life at the moment.

That said, with today’s announcements of retail opening up in the middle of June it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll be back at work at the start of July, so I should think about things I definitely want to get done, started or finished off before then so I don’t have them lingering on my mind when I go back. Although I have a week off at the start of July anyway, so there is that I suppose.

I’m just rambling now. Hasta luego.

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