• James Hewlett

Billy No Mates

I didn’t write anything tonight, I’m actually starting this one Wednesday morning sat in my van. I was alright, I just didn’t feel like writing anything. This feels like a long week already, I’m so glad I’ve got some time off soon.

I’ve been feeling a real distinct lack of friends who are local again recently. I’ve got a few great ones, but everyone is busy with their own shit and lives all the time so trying to arrange to do anything it's a real ball ache. It becomes disheartening after a while when all you want to do is hang out with some people but no one is available. I know I’ve been guilty of it myself, hell, I still have to force myself to do the things even when I’ve been the one that arranged it half the time.

I don’t think I’ve put that out in my general feeling, but something must be up as yesterday... today.. I got messages from out of town friends talking about coming to visit one way or the other and that they were feeling similarly. It was out of the blue but really nice and exactly what I needed.

I’ve got a bunch of fun stuff coming up that I’m super excited for, the beginning of this week has just been a bit of a drain on the ol’ noggin. I’m alright alright though. I’m getting by. Tomorrow’s (today) post will be about something less depressing I hope!

Guess you’ll have to come back later to check!

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