• James Hewlett

Bitcoin To The Moon

I’ve been watching Bitcoin increase in price exponentially for the last week or two, ever since Elon bought one and a half billion dollars worth the value of of the first and leading crypto currency has continued to grow.

With more and more major corporations, banks, global markets and countries adopting the new method of payment not only is Bitcoin quietened skeptics but it has established its staying power.

I fully expect a plateau and likely a dip soon, but every time I look, thinking it must have happened it has broken a new barrier.

I have mixed feelings about it; on the first and most prominent hand I am overjoyed. I invested a small amount, just what I could afford to take a punt with, just over three years ago. I let it sit and didn’t touch it or really even think about it often. I believe in the future and was just letting that ride to see what would happen.

That investment has nearly quadrupled in that time. It is still not any sort of amount that would significantly change my life, but it’s awesome to see it grow.

Then there is the other hand, the hand that inherited a more considerable amount of money not too long ago but wanted to put it away to grow until I was in a position to use it for something real, like putting a deposit of on a house. I invested that in what is a fairly safe bet and it is there now, earning me a little bit all the time.

The problem is, I followed my head with that instead of my gut. If I had followed my gut, taken it all and put it all in Bitcoin, now less than a year later I wouldn’t be thinking about putting a deposit down on a house, I would be buying somewhere outright with cash. No mortgage at thirty three years old... I’d have been set.

But there is no point dwelling on what could have been. Keep moving forward.

I believe Bitcoin will be the future. The price is high at the moment, higher than its ever been, but if I could afford to I would absolutely buy more in a heartbeat.


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