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Blue Monday

This morning I had a bunch of people telling me that today is apparently the ‘most depressing day of the year.’ I didn’t catch it on my new update so I don’t know if it’s the date or third Monday of January or what, but yeah, it’s apparently a thing.

I felt a little bad, I’ve been fairly chirpy today personally, but then it made me wonder if people were just using it as an excuse. Luckily I haven’t encountered anyone being a particular dick today but the general feeling of being a bit down is definitely prevalent.

I don't know if there’s any science behind it, hell until this afternoon o just though Blue Monday was a catchy song by New Order, but I would guess there are a number of reasons why it is deemed to be the saddest day of the year.

For those who love Xmas and the holiday season enough time has past that it is well and truly over. For those of us who aren’t a fan of winter, we’re right in the thick of it at the moment. For a lot of people we’re at that point where normally we’d have been paid but due to the end of the year scheduling a lot of people have to wait longer between pay days and really struggle in this last week or so of the month. And we’re far enough into the new year now that people who set them selves loft resolutions may have either given up with them or been unable to achieve what they wanted and decided it was not worth the effort when in actual fact we’re barely three weeks into the year.

When you break it down to those, and I’m sure more, broad reasons it isn’t a shock that people are feeling a little glum around now. There also seems to be an increased number of more personal reasons if you take the time to talk to people and find out exactly what’s eating them up.

It’s important to understand that everyone is going through their own shit all the time, big or small, and that no matter what it is it is not for you to decide it’s importance. Something that may seem trivial to you might be the biggest thing to someone else and be the cause of great pain and sadness. Understanding and respecting that is vital and I urge everyone to give it some thought.

It’s equally as important to understand that everyone deals with their shit in different ways and that you should only... criticise isn’t the right word, say something? I don’t know. What I’m getting at is that you should respect their process and only point out the potential flaws in their methods if they are dangerous or harmful to the person or those around them. Otherwise the best thing you can do is offer your support without being pushy and respect their process.

It isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, myself included. My normal inclination when someone I care about is going through something is to do everything I can to help, I’ve talked about it many times before but it’s relevant here. I think over the last few years I’ve gotten a lot better at practicing what I preach in terms of standing back and helping in the way that is best for whoever it is I’m trying to help. It still doesn’t come naturally and I do have to check myself often, but I’ve found it to be more successful in the long run.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting to get so deep with this one. I was thinking I’d point out that a bunch of different people all told me the same fact this morning, drop a music video into the post and call it a night and here I am still yammering on!

Night y’all, I hope you had a good day. And if you didn’t, fuck it, bad days are fine too, have another crack at it tomorrow and see how it goes.

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