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Okay, I’m playing catch up so these few posts will probably be truncated.

I went out and had an awesome time catching up with my friend Farrer this evening, haven’t seen this dude in at least five years. I met him back at the shop through a mutual friend and we hit it off, always having good conversations about comics and music, we had really similar tastes and could bounce stuff off of each other often.

When I was DJing in town he would come out more often than not and, along with a bunch of other friends, we would inevitably end up getting quite drunk while I spun tunes to really not too many more people than we were hanging out with. It was a lot of fun.

Since leaving Southampton he started working at Brewdog in Leeds and we kept in contact, more often talking about what beers we were trying than anything else, but we hadn’t managed to have a proper catch up in a long time.

I’m still not even sure what he was doing down here but it was really cool spending a few hours and a couple of drinks shooting the shit with him. It’s awesome when you realise that despite not talking regularly you’re still good mates and would make the effort to make sure the other is doing alright.

I think next time we’ll probably meet in the middle and hit up some bars in London or something.

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