• James Hewlett

Brews and Buds

I intended to write yesterday’s and today’s post this evening but instead I went and had a drink, chicken wings and catch up with Teesh.

It’s cool having a semi-regular drink with one of my closest friends. Arranging stuff with most people is such a hassle that after a while I tend to get frustrated and give up. With Teesh it’s always just a case of, “Yo, want to grab a drink?” With a, “Yeah cool,” or “Nah, sorry, busy,” response. Easy!

I’ve felt bad when catching up with some friends lately as I’ll be talking about me and what’s been going on in my life and then inevitably be like, “so what’s going on with you?” To which the answer is usually not a whole lot.

I can’t help but feel bad but whenever I say that whoever it is I’m with just laughs and says they enjoy hearing about everything and that it’s like catching a recap of a tv show or something. So I guess I’m entertaining them enough!

That’s going to do for this one. I’m sat in my van writing on my break at the moment, playing catch up. I’ll still have Thursdays post to do later but for now I’m going to post these to and chill for a bit before doing my last few jobs and heading back. Later!

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