• James Hewlett

Broadcast Boiz

It’s been a day of recording and attempted recording today. I’ve enjoyed it. We got the next episode of Lonely Boiz Meets World in the can and this evening Mitchell and I recorded/attempted to record (delete as appropriate as I’m writing this while we try and set up) another show.

As happens when I start doing a fun creative project like podcasting my mind races with other things, this small group of friends we’ve dubbed the lonely boiz are all creative and outspoken in our own ways and have a lot of varying interests. We also really enjoy and have fun supporting each other’s ideas so even when one of us has a particular passion they know they can rely on the others to help in any way even if they wouldn’t have otherwise been interested.

That’s why I’ve been thinking about ways to expand from just a single podcast about a mintiest family comedy into more of a network of various different shows and projects. Something like Kinda Funny or Rooster stretch but on a much smaller scale, similar to how they started out.

We already have one show going as our foundation and with Mitchell doing a wrestling show that is a nice addition. Both he and Ed also stream on twitch so tying that in and under the umbrella works and gives us even more consistent content and I can only see more and more coming down the line.

It’s really fun and exciting and as I’ve said many times, so nice to be able to share these ideas with the group as opposed to doing it all myself.


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