• James Hewlett

Bunch of Savages

I got some extra exercise today in the form of a four and a half kilometre walk. It was quite pleasant all things considered but how I got there is less than ideal.

I got in my car this morning to go to the shop and when I fired it up instead of the almost silence I’m normally greeted with it sounded more like a Dodge Viper.

While that may be cool, it’s not what you want from a Prius so I shut it down immediately as something was clearly up.

A quite look underneath revealed my suspicion, a piece of my exhaust pipe had dropped and was hanging away from the rest.

This wasn’t the same bit that went a couple of months ago, the welding on that was holding strong, this was nearer the front. I thought, man, that sucks but it’s clearly just an old pipe at this point and fairly weak.

It sounded worse than last time though so I didn’t want to take it far, I phoned a couple of garages in Totton and one of them said to bring in down early afternoon and they’d have a look.

I killed time by doing a full workout and reading some more of my book then tentatively hobbled my car down the road keeping it in electric only as much as possible.

When I got to the garage I thought it coincidental they had another Prius in already, a newer one than mine mine you, but reassuring as they knew what they’d be doing with it.

After a quick look they confirmed the problem was the same, though seemingly not as serious as the other one.

Some absolute ASSHOLE has tried to hack off a bit of my exhaust as they can be scrapped for quite a high return.

The taxi they were already working on had been fully got and required a replacement, with mine it appeared as though they’d been disturbed halfway through or had changed their minds and given up. The cut was obvious, but the part was still there so it should just be a patch and fix job for me.

They’re slammed at the moment so soonest available booking was Friday, but as there was no way I was taking the car anywhere else at this point they said it was happy to leave it there and they could get it done any sooner they’d give me a call and let me know.

It was while I was walking home that things clicked into place for me.

Last night, about five minutes after shutting off my light from reading in bed I heard a bit of noise outside. It’s not uncommon for the local cats to get into a small fight or shouting match so at first I thought it was just that but I wasn’t asleep yet and it didn’t sound like their normal scrapping so I got out of bed and poked my head out the already ajar window.

There was nothing there, no sounds, no lights, nothing. I thought nothing of it so I got back into bed and went to sleep.

I’m certain now that I disturbed the shitheads and that’s why they didn’t finish the job.

So I guess this week while my car is in the shop I’ll be ordering a security light and or camera for the parking area at the back of my house.

It sucks, I’ve never had any problems what so ever around here and often y’all about how safe the area is. I still believe that and attribute this to hard times, but it’s not cool.

This afternoon after I got home I was a bit at a loss. I can go weeks not going anywhere and feel totally fine but not having my car at hand suddenly makes me feel trapped and I don’t like it. Hopefully it’ll be back soon and I won’t have any more trouble!

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