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I’m back at work tonight and totally forgot to get this posted earlier when I had time. It’s all good though I don’t really have much to say and definitely didn’t have anything earlier.

When I got to work today we were just chatting about putting in holiday requests so I decided to have a look at what I had remaining, what was available and when I might have things I want time off for.

After doing that I’ve put in for all my remaining time off for the year and hopefully, as long as there is no issues with any of them, have a really nice selection of days off.

Where I always have either three or four days off between blocks of shifts anyway I have tacked all of these dates on to time I’ve already got off so it will essentially be a week or close to it at least with almost all of them.

And with the fact that a lot of things are pushed or cancelled already this year it made it easier to not want to hang on to the odd day or two incase I wanted to use it.

It is nice knowing my rota for the rest of the year, obviously a lot of it is subject to change but having that and being able to plan around it accordingly is really good.

I turned nothing into something with this post, anyone would think I’ve been doing this shit three and a half years!


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