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Cancelled and Applied

How’s this for a quick change, yesterday I was writing about how much I’m loving cooking Hello Fresh meals and today I cancelled my deliveries.

I noticed that my months of discounted boxes has finally run out and as of next week they’re up to full price so I’m order to save some money I’ve cancelled it. Hopefully it’ll only be temporary and I’ll be on a position to sign back up again on the not too distant future.

It was an easy decision to make, it’s getting nearer the end of the month and I’m definitely feeling a bit tighter in the week before payday. I found out today that my transfer up to Basingstoke officially starts on Monday so I’m not really looking forward to the extra commute.

I’ve been pretty slack about applying for jobs for a couple of weeks if I’m being honest with myself. When the delays in transfer started happening I got complacent and only sent out a few applications. I did a handful this afternoon after finding out and fingers crossed something pops up. When you look at job boards it looks like there’s lots out there but in reality, for me at least, it’s just a shit load of self employed multi drop delivery jobs which are god awful and unless you’re willing to work a hundred hours a week are not viable.

But enough moaning about that. I got my new internet installed today and it all seems nice and fast and stable so far. For half the price I was paying previously, I can’t complain!

Because my house is about as useful as a smart phone on airplane mode without internet juice being pumped through it I spent the time the engineer was here finally framing and hanging two pieces of art I’ve been meaning to for months. I don’t think they’ll live on that wall for ever but I wanted to put them somewhere!


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