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It’s late and I don’t have too much to talk about, I also have a digital drivers awareness course tomorrow morning so I should really turn in.

When everything started shutting down the course I had scheduled for a speeding offence back in January got postponed and I was beginning to think I might get off with a slap on the wrist. Instead they’ve got a virtual one set up so I’ll be webcamming into that for a few hours of fun tomorrow. I bet I have a better mic and headphones than the person running it.

I thought I was going to have something to show off today, I’ve been hunting for a frame that will fit the Gloomhaven map for a while so I can hang it by the table. It’s a map that gets altered and added to almost every time Ed and I play the game and as nerdy as it is I really want to have it up.

Unfortunately the frame I found had the dimensions of the entire thing not the inner section as it wasn’t meant to be just a frame but an entire piece so it was a bust and I’ll have to return it.

The much smaller map for another game in the same universe just found its way online though as it’s been released stateside today. Jaws Of The Lion is designed to be a much more approachable and introductory version of Gloomhaven while still being fully compatible with the rest of the products. I’m really looking forward to playing it later in the year and the art for the map is stunning!


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