• James Hewlett

Cathartic Anarchy

Ah, it’s nice starting my weekend on Wednesday. Actually, it’s kind of become more like having two weekends as I got a call today asking if I could also work Fridays which I obviously agreed to.

Okay, full disclosure I was in the middle of writing this and then got distracted by playing video games with the gang. It’s been a hot minute since the four of us; myself, Rae, Ed and Mitchell al played games together at the same time and based on how it went, I think it’s safe to say it was a cathartic and needed release.

Many rounds of Uno was the main part of the night, talking nonsense to each other and having a laugh and then when Rae called it a night the rest of us switched over to Golf With Friends, a fun mini-golf game that goes from being very easy to very hard at the drop of a hat.

The other thing that changed through the course of the night was Ed’s sobriety level! The boy got progressively more and more drunk as we were playing much to the amusement of Mitchell and I.

It was a really fun night and the whole four hours is viewable on Mitchell’s twitch channel, I think he’s going to do an edit as well and put that up on YouTube. When he’s done that I’ll definitely share it.

We’ve taken to playing games together on Wednesday evenings after the new episode of the podcast is released, it’s a nice little celebration.

Oh, and that ‘origami’ was Ed’s apology for getting a little heated at one point.

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